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*which tip would you give to someone embarking on a career in your field of work?

I would tell women who are starting out to believe in themselves, take their place and fight against the impostor syndrome that very often strikes women. I’d tell them they’re allowed to make mistakes, to listen to themselves, and they should never hesitate to find a mentor with whom they feel comfortable, to exchange ideas and avoid the pitfalls that women are more often confronted with in our professions.

*who were your heroes or role models when you were younger?

I must admit that I didn’t have a lot of role models, but I was passionate about books and authors like Stéphane Zweig, Camus, Amin Maalouf, but also Agnès Varda and Depardon as filmmakers, later I discovered Franz Fanon, James Baldwin, Christine Delphy, Angela Davis, Bell Hooks, Fatima Mernissi, but I never said to myself, « She/he inspires me, that’s how I want to be ». And of course, the inevitable inspiration: my parents: Aziza and Tayeb. For their strength, their courage.

*name the film which made the biggest impression on you (or more than one)

I immediately think of “Thelma and Louise” for the avant-garde feminist and libertarian message, for the assumed female gaze of screenwriter Callie Khouri. The journey of these two women through sumptuous postcard landscapes, gas stations and motels, in wide, rather Western spaces, gave me a complete cinema experience.

Safia Kessas is Belgian-Algerian, she lives in Brussels and works at RTBF.
She has a degree in international and European politics (Free University of Brussels and European Studies’ Institute).
She is an author, journalist and director of documentaries on social issues.
Since 2003, she has directed a number of documentaries in direct cinema. She seeks to get as close as possible to human beings (“L’homme n’est grand qu’à genoux”, “Le djihad des mères”, “On est social”).
In 2018, she directed with Joel Franka a documentary series of 8 episodes of 26 minutes “Section professionnelle à Rive Gauche” which tells the story of a professional high school over a year.
In 2019, she directed « le choix de Danielle », the story of a migrant hostess against the advice of a part of her family.
In 2019, she launched the feminist news project “les Grenades” at RTBF, which is available on several websites, radio, podcasts and social networks.
Her latest documentary, “The Price of Folly”, has won several awards. It has just received the Belfius « coup de cœur » prize and the Grandes ondes prize at the Longueur d’ondes festival for radio documentary creation in 2021
Safia Kessas is also in charge of equality and diversity issues at RTBF. For several years, she has been implementing a strategy to improve the representation of minorities.
Safia Kessas is a radio journalist on Première RTBF. Safia Kessas has published a collection of her best columns: « balance ta grenade », published by Luc Pire.

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“les Grenades” at RTBF

the feminist news project

The Price of Folly

« The Price of Folly » the Grandes ondes prize at the Longueur d’ondes festival for radio documentary creation in 2021


 « La premiére RTBF »

Podcast: Kiffe ta race - Binge

Kiffe ta race #66

*Professionnelles de l’info, le prix de la visibilité

The Book

A collection of her best columns: « balance ta grenade », published by Luc Pire


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