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*What advice would you give to someone starting out in your field?
There are no good or bad stories, but there are well or badly told stories. If your writings are rejected, criticised or unloved, don’t question what you want to tell. Question the way you tell it and work over and over again, until your singularity emerges. Be true… in your texts and mostly with yourself. « Be yourself, everyone else is already taken » as Oscar Wild once said.
*Who were your heroes or models when you were younger?
I don’t remember any role models when I was younger. However, recently there was one who inspired me: I must admit that I wouldn’t mind playing Queen Daenerys in Game of Thrones. I’ve never liked riding in a car and now I could ride my dragons. Just for that, I like it. And it’s ecological too. And I wouldn’t mind being the queen of the world either… I’m just kidding!
* Name the film that has made the biggest impression on you. (you can name several if you want)
When I was a teenager, my parents went to live in Africa and I continued to live in Belgium in their house, alone. In order to escape the loneliness of that time, I found refuge in love relationships, but they always became very stormy. In search of answers, reference points, guidance, it was a succession of love films that helped me out of my torment: Bernardo Bertolucci – LAST TANGO IN PARIS, Martin Scorsese – THE AGE OF INNOCENCE, Clint Eastwood – THE BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY, Wong Kar-Wai – IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE, Susanne Bier – OPEN HEARTS, Sam Mendes – REVOLUTIONARY ROAD.

Marie Enthoven was born in Belgium and studied philosophy. With CLASSES VERTES, a multi-award winning short film, she started her career as a scriptwriter. Founder of Taste It Productions, Marie produces, writes and directs her own films, such as NAÏVE and TAXISTOP, both short films, selected and awarded in several festivals.

Her new short film NEUF POUR CENT is currently in post-production and will be released in early 2022 with a planned broadcast on RTBF. For television, Marie first worked as a scriptwriter on series such as « E-Légal » and « Unité 42 », both broadcast on RTBF. More recently she worked on « 1985 », a TV series produced by EyeWorks, which is currently being filmed and will air on VRT and RTBF in 2022.

Marie is currently working on the original creation of her own series such as « Bravoure », produced by Septembre Production in Paris, or « Pas Perdus », produced by Beluga Tree and RTBF but also « Invisible », a TV series broadcasted on la UNE on November 22, 2020, and for which she is also scriptwriter, art director and associate producer.

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