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*which tip would you give to someone embarking on a career in your field of work?
Journalism is about curiosity, empathy, creativity, fairness and principles. If this all resonates with you: enjoy!
*Who were your heroes or models when you were younger?
Steve Jobs. For his genius to invent wonders, for his aesthetics and for his persistence in achieving the flawless product.
*name the film which made the biggest impression on you (you can quote more than one if you need)
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Swedish version), The Game of Thrones, Titanic, The Revenant (Leo again), Beautiful Mind, The Queen’s Gambit, Interstellar, Occupied (Norway)

Galya graduated in Finance from the Bulgarian University of National and World Economy and hold an Executive MBA from INSEAD, France.

Her entire career is related to journalism. Back in 1993, while still a student at the university, she joined the founding team of Capital Weekly in Bulgaria ( Capital is one of the most respected media brands, specialised in business, economics, politics and investigations.

As a reporter she covered the areas of Personal Finance, Macroeconomics and Banking. These were turbulent times for the Bulgarian economy – she has reported on the hyperinflation and the banking bankruptcies, the government default and the introduction of the currency board (1994-1997). In the following years she worked as an investigative journalist for Capital.

In 2001 she led the founding team and became the Editor-in-Chief of Dnevnik (, published by the same company as Capital – Economedia. Dnevnik is among the leading general news websites, trusted and respected for the quality of its journalism.

She later transferred back to Capital and worked as its Editor-in-Chief for several years leading the digital transformation of the newsroom.

In 2012, after completing my MBA studies she took the role of Managing Director of Economedia, the publishing company. Her challenge ever since is to navigate the business model transition while preserving the quality of Capital’s and Dnevnik’s journalism, and protecting the journalists and editorial independence.

She is now 47, married, with four children between 12 and 21.

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